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About me

Spirits Boutique is born into a larger project that expected, in addition to sale of distillates from all over the world, the production of Vermouth and other distillates in Sardinia.

This newly-conceived shopping bar in Olbia is a small space where you can taste a cocktail prepared just at the moment (also wanting to take away) and buy distillates that I personally selected around the world, and I will be happy to illustrate it in all peculiarities.

But Spirits Boutique ┬áit’s also a place where a passionate can find the niche product or discover new and astonishing ones.

Come see me, I’m waiting for you

Emilio Rocchino

Nothing like that in Olbia

Tens and dozens of distillates from around the world: Vermouth (including the Macchia, producti by myself) Gin, Whispies, Whiskey, Brandy and Rum.
My personal selection of the finest in the world, made for connoisseurs or for those who want to get in touch with the fascinating world of Spirits Boutiques.

Distillates and liqueurs from the world

Sardinia's excellencies

Gift ideas

Take away cocktails

Exclusive bar catering service

Advisory Service

Ice Sale

You can find this and much more in your Spirits Boutique
Just come and surprise yourself
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